How To Sell House Quickly Chicago: Tips And Tricks

sell house quickly chicago

Putting your house up for sale, and finding a prospective buyer for the same, can be a painstaking process.

According to research, it takes approximately 6 months of a homeowner to a home or even longer if odds aren’t on your side.

This, however, doesn’t mean you should/have to wait for this long to sell your home.

As long as everything is done right, as well as timing, you could find a prospective buyer in less than 3 months.

Outlined below are a few tips, tricks, and ideas on how to sell house quickly Chicago despite the unpredictable real estate market trends.

1. Work on Its Curb Appeal

First impressions do matter to a potential homebuyer. Very few people would want to buy a house that needs a fresh lick of paint, a new roof, or even non-functional or dirty faucets.

Working to improve the home’s curb appeal by applying a fresh (but neutral) lick of paint, trimming the lawn outside, and replacing any broken taps and faucets, as well as giving the bathroom a new look, will go a long way in wooing potential customers over.

Ensure the parking lot (if any) and path are in the best condition possible as well.

2. Pick the Right Time to Sell

Although the real estate market may be volatile, you still need to research the best time to put the house up for sale.

Spring and summertime are considered the best times of the year to put your home on the market.

Many potential and new homebuyers are actively looking for homes during this time of the year.

In addition to favorable weather conditions, sales velocity and conversion rates are considerably higher during this time.

Talking to an expert in this field can also help you pinpoint the right time to list your home.

3. Stage the Home Just Right

Staging the house allows a potential client to envision himself/herself living in the house. That said, you need to arrange/stage the house with the mainstream market in mind.

Decluttering and keeping personal effects hidden would be an excellent way to start. Be sure to refinish the floors and keep all carpets/rugs clean for even better results.

Decluttering makes it easy for the house to ‘breathe’, and also creates the illusion of a bigger space as well.

All this (and more) should be done before opening the doors for viewing or even taking photos to upload in the listing.

4. List the House in Local Real Estate Websites and Social Media

With the house ready for the market, and high quality (walkaround) photos and videos were taken of the house, you can then decide on which real estate website to list your home with.

Many potential homebuyers will begin their search in these sites before proceeding to a newspaper or other ads.

Be sure to create an informative, enticing, and most importantly, accurate listing for the buyer. Include other pieces of information such as proximity to amenities in the listing.

Use the power of social media to market the listing for increased exposure and leads.

5. Sell to A House Wholesaler

If you, however, aren’t ready to go through the process of staging, preparing, and transfer of property, selling the house to a wholesaler is your best option.

These companies are ready to flip your house for cash, which means the deal will be closed before you know it. It is one of the fastest ways to sell house quickly Chicago.

We at Chicagoland Home Buyer are ready to turn your home into cash fast.

You never have to go through the hassle of dealing with numerous potential customers or wait for long periods of time. Give us a call to book a meeting.

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